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After going through two extremely stressful years emotionally, I was searching for a way to let go of all the toxins I had allowed to accumulate in my body, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

When I searched the internet, I found many places that offered “this total body cleanse” or “that stress reducing” service, but not one of these other places responded to my initial request for information with such a swift and personal reply from the program director.

Detox Dave continued this personal approach throughout the entire detox. As a result, I was not only able to meet all of my personal goals for the week, I exceeded them! In fact, this experience changed not only my life but my life-style. It managed to do more for me physically than any diet or exercise program I’ve ever tried (and believe me, I’ve tried them all!)

Now that I’m back home, I’m more motivated than ever to maintain the great strides I made at the Detox Retreat at the Oasis. There were 5 of us that came together to do the cleanse. Although all 5 of us came for very different reasons, we were able to find enough common ground to support and encourage each other through the rough spots and celebrate our leaner bodies at the end of the week.

I went home a different person and it truly was a “jumpstart” to a better life. I’m off of caffeine, sugar, refined flour and artificial sweeteners. I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds in 3 weeks and still losing. I’m working out with a personal trainer and am back in the gym 6 days a week. I feel the best I’ve felt since I was a kid! I owe it all to an incredible week’s stay doing Dave’s fasting cleanse at the Detox Retreat center at the Oasis.

Dr. Katherine Knight, M.Ed., Ed. D.
Huron, OH

I wanted to wish you and your family the very best for 2009! I have been diligent in sticking with my new diet and exercise program and have actually lost more weight since returning from Detox Oasis fasting boot camp! I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and inspiration – it has changed my life and I enter into this new year a changed woman!

Keep in touch – we will definately be back with new recruits – I have passed your website along to many of my college colleagues who can’t believe the change that your program has had on me. I actually had someone last week not recognize me due to the weight loss and healthy living!

Diana, University Professor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Detox Retreat at the Oasis is the perfect place to jumpstart your weight loss goal! In addition, you get all the added benefits of a total body detox.

I’ve read many books on dieting and weight loss and it always boils down to one fundamental fact: I am taking in more calories than my body requires. The most important question was: Why?? and what could I do to reverse it?. Generally we feed ourselves by letting our emotional state determine when we are hungry instead of listening to our bodies. I was overeating (typically bad foods) because of stress, nervousness, and even boredom. Also when I ate, I did so quickly, not adequately chewing and tasting the food. I was 85 pounds overweight.

For me personally, my emotional hunger drive was very powerful. I would surrender to this “false hunger” and eat 5 doughnuts, or a huge bowl of sweet cereal, or a large box of beef fried rice….and then go lay down and relax in front of the television. Logically I knew what was happening and what the results would be even before eating, but I could not overcome the “hunger beast”. This was a downward spiraling situation as it deeply affected my self esteem and self confidence…..not to mention the terrible affect to my invaluable health.

At the Detox Retraeat center at the Oasis I juice fasted and detoxed for seven days…..and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. Each day I drank wheat grass shots and one glass of fresh vegetable juice. Also as part of the program I had daily colonics and a liver flush.

The ranch is located in the Midwest countryside of rolling hills, forest and farmland. There are beautiful trails and roads to walk and enjoy the fresh air and wildlife, or you can choose to workout in their excellent gym facility, complete with all work out equipment and an oxygen concentrator that makes working out easier. There are also optional yoga and meditation classes, however, I choose to meditate during my morning walks, my afternoons by the large fish-filled pond, and star gazing at night.

Midwest, US

At Detox retreat center at the Oasis I finally slayed the hunger beast. I now know that I can go seven days without solid food if I choose to do so. I left Detox Oasis 15 pounds lighter, feeling good and glowing with confidence that I am in control of my hunger. Now it’s my true body hunger that I listen to and not my emotional state hunger. I now taste my food better, chew it slower, get full and satisfied quicker and am not attracted so much to the bad foods. This is a great recipe for lifelong weight loss/management by any expert’s measure.

I did a lot of research before coming to DetoxOasis, and I believe the value to be many times the program price. This is the first time in my life I’ve seven days to take care of myself (me time). I highly recommend Detox Retreat at the Oasis, not only for the full body detox and no non-sense approach, but for showing me that I have the ability to conquer the hunger beast.

Thanks for everything!

Dave R., IT Consultant

I wanted to thank you for providing an environment that gave me a wonderful in-my-body experience last week. You are a great coach and teacher, and have invigorated me in many ways. A week at the Detox Oasis and with you has had a transformative effect on me that is very valuable and empowering.

The highlights so far:

  • Lost 12 pounts and feel about 8 years younger.
  • Bought a juicer on my way home Saturday.
  • Stayed on raw veggie and fruit diet for the first 3 days after I left (with the exception of some store-bought hummus on the last night.)
  • Have had my homeade juice or energy soup every day since I left Detox Oasis at Elk Ridge Ranch, while adding lean meat / fish / protein into my diet.
  • Can still feel some tingling in my body and brain from being more alive (but I can easily tell how alcohol dulls the brain and drains the energy.)
  • Have been able to avoid coffee and instead drink up to 3 cups of green tea a day.
  • Bought the 5-day abs video from The Firm. Meanwhile, I’m doing the abs exercises I learned from you.
  • Poked my head into the fitness center at my apartment complex. (Hey, it’s progress, albeit a small step.) But I also went to the library and checked out weight lifting books so I can get started using the equipment in the gym.
I look at food very differently now. You mentioned that everything we put into our body is either Fuel or Fun. But I would add a third “F” – Filler, as in “filler up” with junk food and empty calories. I can’t believe how I reach for blueberries for a sweet snack instead of a cookie.

I know this energy buzz won’t last, and more filler food will creep into my diet over time, and it will be a struggle to start a workout program, but I now know I am capable of big change in a short time—due to your example and teaching and coaching while I was there.

Thanks again for every thing, and for a new friendship too. (And a big thanks for the elk products.) I look forward to visiting and to coming back for a tune-up in the fall.

Richard Kujawski
Toledo, Ohio
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