The Detox Oasis Staff

The Detox Oasis Staff


Wendy Henry

Wendy Henry, Owner and Manager

Wendy partnered with founder and husband, Dave Marshall, to launch the retreat in 2006 and has been actively involved in Detox Oasis and Fit Body Retreat daily operations from the start. Wendy left a career in telecommunications to pursue her lifelong passion in fitness and wellness. In addition to running retreats, she manages the daily operations of the family's 120-acre private ranch, Elk Ridge Ranch. The ranch is adjacent to another 500 acres of Wendy's family farm. The combined properties provide seclusion for fitness retreat guests in the wooded rolling hills of southern Indiana.

Wendy has a rich family history in theatre, dance and gymnastics. Her family background inspired her interest in personal training and fitness. She studied bodybuilding and personal training with nationally recognized Paul and Lisa Ray of Island Fitness in Miami, Florida. She studied Yoga under the direction of Charles MacInerney and Ellen Smith at The Living Yoga Program in Austin, Texas.  Wendy received Reiki I & II certification from Christine Eartheart at Heart Spirals in Bloomington, Indiana.  She earned a Level 3 Pole Fitness Certification from Susan Hilferty at Pole Fitness in Miami, Florida and completed online courses from KT Coates of Vertical Dance, Hertforshire, UK.   Wendy is a Parillo Performance Certified Personal Trainer.

Wendy has received personal counseling on foods and nutrition from Matthew Andry, MD of Andry Medical Services and MD Weight Worx in Bloomington, Indiana. Leveraging her own personal experience, Wendy can help counsel clients with emotional eating disorders, hormone imbalances, diabetes, candida, and various thyroid and autoimmune issues and can guide clients on a path to better lifestyle habits and improved health and emotional wellbeing.



Detox Dave Marshall

Dave Marshall, Owner and Founder

Dave founded the retreat alongside Wendy to continue a lifelong interest in personal fitness. Originally from Oregon, Dave began intensive physical training at the age of 18 and began professional personal training several years later to supplement his income first as a deep-sea diver and underwater welder, then as a commercial pilot.

In 1990, Dave founded and built one of the largest cable & telecommunications marketing companies in Australia and the U.S. But this financial success came at a physical cost, causing him to increase his weight from 160 lbs. to 240 lbs., largely the result of the excesses of corporate entertaining.

Dave decided to reset his lifestyle at age 40 in 2000 to regain a balance in his life. He sold his firm and began traveling the world seeking health, fitness and martial arts training at various retreats and camps.

In addition to regaining his peak physique, Dave recognized that raw and detox retreats he discovered overseas could be adapted for a western clientele to include fitness regimens and 'going forward' programming. He developed the Detox Oasis signature retreats, with guidance from Dr. Matthew Andry, to blend these various training and weight loss methods into single- and multi-week programs.





Andrea Connolly, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

Andrea has been leading yoga classes and performing massage therapy at the retreats since 2008. She's a remarkable woman with great energy and a dedicated mother and grandmother.

Andrea is a certified Reiki Touch Therapist, having studied massage therapy at Bloomington School of Massage. She attended teacher training at the Living Yoga Program in Austin, Texas. In addition to her work at the ranch, Andrea also taught yoga at the French Lick Springs Resort.

Andrea teaches an entry level Hatha Yoga class at the ranch incorporating various stretch, meditation and relaxation techniques into the class, which are included in retreat packages. Clients are invited to request optional massage and Reiki sessions an additional fee.



J. Matthew Andry, M.D.

J. Matthew Andry, M.D., Medical Advisor

Dr. Andry is Assistant Clinical Professor at Indiana University School of Medicine and president of Andry Medical Services. He is a leader in the fields of personalized and preventative family medical care, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and hormonal/behavioral weight management.

Dr. Andry holds dual board certifications. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Obesity Medicine. He has been elected to the Board of Directors as a Trustee of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, a world-wide organization dedicated to the medical treatment of the obese and overweight.

Detox Oasis clients are referred to Dr. Andry upon request. Clients are strongly encouraged to make appointments directly with Andry Medical Services in advance of their retreat.




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