Photos of Property

Detox Oasis Main Lodge

Entrance to the Main Lodge at Detox Oasis Fitness retreat.  Large kitchen area where weight loss clients share success stories and learn about healthy diets.



Detox Oasis 19th century farmhouse

A fully-renovated 19th century farmhouse includes five guest rooms for a comfortable stay during your weight loss retreat.



Detox Oasis private guest bedroom

Guests may choose from a number of lodging accommodations, including private bedrooms at the fitness ranch vacation.



Detox Oasis working vineyard

One of two working vineyards on the fitness retreat property and organic farms.




A statuette adorns a corner of the fitness retreat property.  A perfect environment for a Yoga retreat vacation.




Steal away to a quiet corner for an afternoon nap or relaxing read at weight loss camp.



Detox Oasis log cabin lounge and kitchen

The lounge area in the log cabin is a perfect spot to meet up after a day of fitness activities at the Detox Oasis Fitness Retreat.



Detox Oasis private guest 


Private baths and hot tubs offer an ideal place to relax at the end of the day during your fitness retreat.


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