Detox Oasis

Detox Oasis

Detox Oasis Fitness Retreats offer small group intensives at a private ranch to deliver clients fast and long-lasting results without outside distractions.


Our Philosophy

The Detox Oasis philosophy is that every individual needs to choose from the variety of available health and fitness options so they can readily adapt these changes into their lifestyle upon returning home.


Individual Attention

All Detox Oasis retreat programs include an individually-paced, 4- to 6-hour daily structured fitness schedule with options to include a generalized maintenance program or individualized follow-up program for lifestyle changes after returning home.

The individual attention, guided daily exercise programs, our unique live-in fitness, weight loss, detox and juice fast programs and our focus on post-retreat follow-up set us apart from larger, more generalized options in the country.


A Variety of Healthy Lifestyle Modifications

Our retreat programs are dedicated to improve health and well being of participants by teaching a variety of healthy lifestyle modifications through using a choice of alternative healing modalities and foods, body building nutritional supplementation or physician assisted medical sciences:

  • Alternative healing foods include herbal detox cleansing and juice fasting using the benefits of nutrients and enzymes in spirulina, wheatgrass, green juices, sprouts and mostly organic and locally grown foods.
  • Alternative healing modalities may include colonics, massage, infrared or steam saunas and reiki therapy.
  • Fitness and exercise programs include a combination of group and individual training of stretch, strength building and cardio techniques.
  • Trainers lead small group classes in hiking, treadmill and elliptical interval training, cable weights, free weights, kettle bells, TRX suspension training, and Yoga classes. Body building nutritional supplementation includes either vegan or non-vegan protein shakes plus a meal plan based to suit individual health conditions or goals.
  • Medically assisted programs may consist of bio identical hormone replacement therapy or medical prescriptions from a private medical provider.

Some clients prefer to use a strictly organic, natural approach, other clients may rely other types of medical sciences. Some guests consider a blend of both natural herbal medicines with scientific bio-identical medicine. We support individual client commitment and dedication to achieve fitness goals. The level of participation is the personal choice of each client. Those clients who participate more fully in program offerings achieve the most optimal results.

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